October Update – Part 1!!!!

My friends and outstanding backers!

We are nearing the one year anniversary of the Kickstarter launch!

It has been far too long, since I have posted here. Hopefully most of you are following me on Facebook and Instagram, where I have been tossing out content as things have been progressing. If you are not, I strongly suggest you do.

First, if you have not heard, there was a great write up in the November Down East Magazine, covering this book. You can read that article (only if you can’t purchase one off the rack) here: Hometown Hero.

Things have been moving along steadily with the book. I am 75% done with pencils, 50% done with inks and 30% done with colors. These factors are pushing the book out of the proposed October release. My math of attempting two pages a week was a bit over zealous, especially when I want to really nail this one for everyone.

Ryan, what does this mean to the loyal backers? This means I am going to start mailing out rewards for everyone this month, with a second mailing going out when the book is complete. I’ll gladly eat the cost of that, since you are so amazing and I heave your rewards ready to go. So, keep an eye on the mail, even if you only backed the book. Something special is coming your way.

That’s not all!!!! Look for another update coming later today that will contain the full colored prologue for you!

Soon, the first chapter will be released to you all in PDF format, with subsequent chapters following, leading up to the big book release!!!

Again thank you all for your support and be sure to reach out to me with any questions.

Cheers, – Ryan