November Update – Part 1

Hello, my friends!

Happy Post-Halloween!!!

As I noted in my last update, I’ll be chiming in more often to keep you in the loop of progress.

To quote Nirvana, “with the lights out, it’s less dangerous, here we are now, entertain us”. That’s what I was attempting to do amidst the great Maine power outage of 2017. Many of you may not have power back, even today.

Thanks to our trusty lanterns, I used the time to dive in and touch up/work on inking more pages.

Inking with the lights out.
Inking with the lights out.

Once we got power back, I was back to gathering and organizing the rewards to get shipping out. Here is a photo of the pile of shirt rewards!

Kickstarter Exclusive Reward Shirts
Kickstarter Exclusive Reward Shirts

With the weekend upon us and electricity flowing steadily into the house, I’ll be scanning in more pages and coloring more, to add to the 1st chapter preview I am building towards to release to you all.

Cheers and take care!