About Ryan Wing

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A Brief Biography

Speaking in the third person, Ryan Wing is currently located in Maine where he resides, having completed his BFA at the University of Southern Maine. He lives in Topsham with his amazingly talented and beautiful wife, Sarah-Jane, their adorably cool sons, Eliot and Finnegan.

Meanwhile, Ryan was one of the founding members and contributors to AP&P Comics, where he edited, illustrated, and designed comics, dabbling with writing when allowed. Ryan looks forward to many more projects with his own company, Unexpected Press, involving collaborative locally created anthology pieces and in-school tutorials. For a list of published works, check out his profile at the Comic Book DB website.

Aside from these great details, Ryan is in the bands A Century of Fakers and Fans of Sleep (also the now departed Holland Holland). He plays guitar, sings, plays bass, makes noise, etc.

Thank you all for attending, refreshments are out the door and to the right.

-Ryan Wing


The October Ghost vs. The League of Horror (In Process)

Hometown Hero Article – Down East Magazine (2017)

Infinite Canvas – Comics & Fantasy Illustration Exhibit (2017)

The Aggregate – Book 1 (2017)

The October Ghost: Revenge of the Cyclops Mask (2016-Current)

Sleep Eater (2016)

O Killing Tree, O Killing Tree (2015)

The Infernal Pact #3 (2015)

  • Full color pin up

The October Ghost: Vol 1 – Ghost Stories (2014)

  • Black and white ashcan, collecting all previously printed October Ghost stories
  • Character concept sketches and introduction
  • Cover design and art

AP&P Halloween Spook-tacular (2013)

  • “The Witch of Craggy Point” – Writer, Pencils, Inks, Letters, Colors
  • “The Shape in the Dark” – Writer, Pencils, Inks, Letters, Colors
  • “The October Ghost: A Supernatural End!” – Writer, Pencils, Inks, Letters, Colors
  • Cover design and art (regular and Coast City Comic Con limited edition)
  • October Ghost Halloween mask cutout
  • Book Editor

Citizen Comics #1 (2012)

  • “One Toad Over the Road” – Pencils, Inks, Letters, Colors

Neutron Star #1 (2012)

  • “Episode 3: Confrontation” – Pencils, Inks, Letters, Colors
  • Cover design and art

Tales from the Endoverse (2011)

  • “The October Ghost: The Return of Monsieur Mentalist!” – Writer, Pencils, Inks, Letters
  • “Neutron Star: Episode 2 – the Hunt for Neutron Star” – Pencils, Inks, Letters

Tales from the Endoverse (2010)

  • “The October Ghost: Episode 81 – The Lair Discovered” – Writer, Pencils, Inks, Letters
  • “Neutron Star” – Pencils, Inks, Letters
  • “The Adventures of Quick Carleson” – Pencils, Inks, Letters