Welcome to the online resource for Ryan Wing and his creation, The October Ghost!!!

I’m sure many of you are here from either seeing me at various comic shows, were reading the November DownEast magazine article on the October Ghost, Kickstarter backers, or long time fans. What is the tie that binds us here?
The October Ghost vs. the League of Horror Kickstarter and the upcoming original graphic novel that is in the works!!!

To keep every one of you phenomenal followers up to date on the progress, be sure to check the blog posts on this site.

I have been asked a few questions as I’m nearing completion, that I want to be sure to address here:

  • Where can I order your book? 
    • As soon as it is shipped to me from the printer, I will be sending out copies to Kickstarter backers first, followed by supplying local book stores, rounding it all off with adding it to purchase from this site.
  • When will it be out?
    • The original deadline was October for Kickstarter backers, but I am still completing the book
    • Current status: 64 pages penciled, 32 pages inked, 15 pages colored
    • I will be updating the stats above each week.
  • I have further questions, how can I reach you?
    • I can be reached by e-mail via: ryan@octoberghost.com
    • Follow me and ask questions on my social media pages

Cheers, – Ryan